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2014 Annual General Meeting

Our 2014 Annual General meeting was held on the 26th of August following the Monthly General Meeting.

The AGM went very smoothly and all existing committee members who had re-nominated for their current positions were voted in (thus the executive committee for 2014-2015 remains the same as the previous year).

Copies of the minutes of the AGM are available on request from the committee. See below for a copy of the report presented by President Georg Eigen at the AGM.

2016 Annual General Meeting

This year the AGM will be held in the clubrooms on the 4th Tuesday in August (21st) followed by the general meeting. All Executive Committee positions will become vacant (except President and Vice President as these are two year terms). Nominations are now closed but can be accepted on the night.

If you cannot make it to the AGM, please fill in a Proxy Vote form so that another member can vote on your behalf. In accordance with our constitution we need to have fifteen percent (15%) of the membership present in person or by proxy in order to have a quorum. Nomination and proxy vote forms were included in the May-June magazine or you can download a spare below.

If you have any questions concerning the election of Committee Members contact the Club Secretary.

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