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Understanding Chassis / VINNumbers

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are often referred to by their chassis code/series/type for identification rather than just the model name. This is because a model name is often continued when a new chassis/series is introduced. For example the model name '280SE' was used on 3 different generations of Mercedes sedans from 1967 to 1985 and could refer to a 2 door cabriolet or 4 door sedan!

The first three numbers of the chassis code will tell you what series/type the car is. For example a chassis number WDB124090 2F 123456 denotes a W124 series vehicle. The next three digits (in this case 090) are a Mercedes-Benz code for the model and body style. In this case '090' denotes a 300TE station wagon. The next two digits tell you where the car was built and whether it is right or left hand drive, as well as what transmission is fitted. The final 6 digits are the serial number of the car.

When ordering parts or making enquiries about your car it is advisable to give the chassis number.

For more information on understanding chassis numbers, MB Spares has a good guide on their website:

Data Cards

Every new Mercedes-Benz came with a Data card when it was delivered to its first owner. This is a small card that lists important information such as the options fitted, serial numbers, delivery dates, key codes to cut new keys etc. Usually a copy can be found in your service manual (log book) or owners manual.

For a guide on how to read your data card for 1950/60's era vehicles, follow the link below to the SL113 website:

For a guide on how to read your data card for 1970 and onward vehicles, MB Spares have a good guide on their website:

If you do not have your datacard, you may be able to obtain it from your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer. You will need to provide ID and proof of ownership and provide the VIN / Chassis number. Members can also obtain datacards by using their ClubCard to log into the clublounge and access datacards through the EPC.

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