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Membership Application Form

To join download the Membership application form. This form also includes information on fees and historic registration.

Historic Registration

For Members of Recognised Car Clubs

NOTE: Significant changes have now taken place regarding the rules for historic registration. If you have Historic Registration, or intend to apply for it in the future, please read the following carefully as you must obey the current Registration Act and Club rules that apply.


A conditional type of registration open to vehicles manufactured before 1979 that are not modified from the manufacturers specifications. Historic registration is significantly cheaper than regular SA vehicle registration but a number of conditions apply that restrict the use of the vehicle to 90 days per year and require the owner to keep a log book. Only vehicles in original condition that are owned by members of recognized car clubs are eligible. Vehicles must be inspected and approved by the car clubs historic registration officers before historic registration can be issued - additionally the vehicle must be inspected at least once every three years to ensure it still complies. Other conditions also apply - see below.


1. Be a member of the Mercedes Benz Club of S.A. Inc. and a permanent resident of South Australia.

2. For new members membership is not confirmed until the next Committee Meeting after the club has received a completed membership application form, subscriptions are paid and a membership number has been issued (i.e. you cannot come to a general meeting, join and then sign up for historic registration on the same night).

3. The vehicle and CURRENT REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE must be inspected by one of the clubs Historic Registration Officers at a club meeting. (Note: Historic matters can only be attended to at club monthly meetings). A MR334 form is then issued if the vehicle passes the inspection. This form can then be taken to Services S.A. by the member to have the vehicle registered.

NOTE: The vehicle must have been manufactured before 01/01/1979 (The club accepts the year of manufacture as that on the registration certificate) and be in sound roadworthy condition and unmodified from manufacturers specifications. AMG modifications are NOT acceptable as AMG and Mercedes-Benz were separate companies until the year 2000, thus a car with any AMG modifications prior to this date does not meet the criteria of being unmodified from manufacturers specifications.

NOTE: If you are still unsure whether your vehicle is eligible for historic registration, it is a good idea to bring it along to a general meeting and have it inspected by a historic registration official BEFORE you pay your membership fees.

4. At the following meeting, the new registration papers must be presented to the Historic Registration Officers, who will endorse the registration certificate and issue a log book - currently the log books cost $5. A statutory declaration is also required at this time by the member confirming the vehicles eligibility. Vehicles can not be driven until the log book is issued and details of the excursion are entered.

5. Log books must be endorsed annually when club subscriptions are paid. A statutory declaration must also be presented at this time before endorsement. Regardless of having a statutory declaration, all vehicles must be inspected at least once every 3 years by club Historic Officers.

6. When renewing registration new registration papers must be endorsed by a club Historic Officer.

7. Members requesting Historic Registration must own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle before the club will accept another make for historic registration.

HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR HISTORIC REGISTRATION: (So that you comply with the act and are not driving an unregistered vehicle!).

8. Membership must be renewed by the 30th June each year to avoid cancellation of registration with Services S.A.

9. If registration of the vehicle is in more than one name, all persons named on the rego form must be club members.

10. Vehicles cannot be registered by a company or business, or used for hire, fare or reward.

11. Penalties. Heavy penalties apply for a contravention of the conditions of Historic Registration. It is the owners responsibility to comply with all conditions. It is also a criminal offence to knowingly make a false statement on a statutory declaration.

12. The vehicle MUST be inspected by one of the club Historic Registration Officers AT LEAST ONCE EVERY THREE YEARS. Members will be notified in the club magazine when they are required to present their vehicle for inspection.

13. Historic Registration Officers are available at club meetings to answer questions (or contactable via phone - details are in the magazine on page 30).


- Country members, that is members living in post code areas indicated as country under the insurance rating, must send a stamped self addressed envelope for the return of the logbook, registration papers and subscription receipt. They must also enclose $5.00 if a replacement logbook is required.

- If you receive a notice from the Registrar that your Historic Registration has been cancelled and you desire to get more information please contact the Club and not the Registrar, as all administration is with the Clubs and not the Registrar.

- If a member sells a vehicle which is on Historic Registration they must bring their log book to the next Club general meeting to have it cancelled.

- Whenever you drive your car, you must have the log book with you and fill out the trip details before you get on the road. If you drive your vehicle without the endorsement, and/or without filling out the trip details your vehicle is unregistered. Any outing even to buy petrol or to a mechanic requires the trip to be filled out, and becomes one of the 90 allowed outings for the year. If you are not able to present your log book (correctly filled out) to a police officer on request then heavy penalties apply.


Whilst the above information may seem a lot to take in at first, our historic registration officers are there to guide you through each step and to answer any questions you may have. In most cases, the savings that can be made by having your car on historic registration compared to normal SA registration (and the corresponding reduction in insurance premiums if your insurer offers a discount) can range from several hundred dollars upwards and are generally enough to pay for your membership fees several times over.

If you have concerns or questions, please direct them to the club or the federation - DO NOT go to Transport SA/Service SA/DPTI with any questions or concerns regarding the Historic Registration Scheme as they have limited resources to deal with public enquiries and have asked that all enquiries be directed via the respective car clubs or the FHMCSA. The federation can be contaced via their website: or click on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top right of the webpage to send your enquiry.

Our club is very grateful for the assistance provided by our historic registration officers - these volunteers have donated their time to help fellow club members with historic registration matters. Our volunteer historic registration officers thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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