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Historic Registration

For Members of Recognised Car Clubs

NOTE: Significant changes have now taken place regarding the rules for conditional club (Historic) registration. If you have Historic Registration, or intend to apply for it in the future, please read the following carefully as you must obey the current Registration Act and Club rules that apply.

Historic registration is available to vehicles over 30 years since manufacture and is subject to conditions as detailed below. Historic registration is significantly cheaper than regular registration but restricts the use of the vehicle to 90 days a year.

Vehicles are allowed to be modified from their original design, to provide flexibility to allow owners to improve the ride, handling and safety as well as cosmetic enhancements BUT this does not permit performance modifications.

Vehicles must be in roadworthy condition (as with regular registration, the onus is on the registered owner to ensure that the vehicle is in safe and roadworthy condition).

NOTE: The regulations allow for 3 categories of historic registration, namely Historic Vehicles, Left-Hand Drive Vehicles and Street Rod Vehicles. Our club is only able to grant registration for Historic Vehicles.
The 30-year regulation is a rolling vehicle age. Our club accepts the year of manufacture as that on the registration papers.

1. Be a member of the Mercedes Benz Club of S.A. Inc. and permanent resident of South Australia.
2. For new members, membership is not confirmed until the next Committee Meeting after the club has received a completed membership application form, subscriptions are paid and a membership number has been issued (i.e. you cannot come to a meeting, join, pay and then get historic registration on the same night).
3. Club members need to attend a club meeting with their receipt of membership, and the latest registration papers for the vehicle. A MR334 form is then issued by a Historic Registration Officer, which the member then takes to Service SA to have the vehicle registered as a historic vehicle. The member must then attend a later meeting and present the new registration certificate to receive a log book. The vehicle cannot be driven until the log book is issued. The MR334 form requires the club member to detail any modifications from original manufacturer’s specifications, and confirm by signing.
4. At the following meeting, the new registration papers must be presented to the Historic Registration Officers, who will endorse the registration certificate and issue a log book - currently the log books cost $5. Vehicles can not be driven until the log book is issued and details of the excursion are entered.
5. Log books must be endorsed (signed and stamped by a historic registration officer) annually when club subscriptions are paid.
6. Members requesting Historic Registration must own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle before the club will accept another make for historic registration.

7. In order to comply with the regulations, members renewing their membership and having their log books endorsed need to provide the following:
•    Log book
•    Current registration papers
•    Receipt/proof of payment of club fees for upcoming membership year
You will need to renew your membership before June 30th to avoid having the club meeting the requirement to advise the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to cancel or suspend your registration. Members who have paid their subscription but have not had their log books updated cannot legally drive their historically registered vehicles.

(So that you comply with the act and are not driving an unregistered vehicle!).
8. Membership must be renewed by the 30th June each year to avoid cancellation of registration with Service SA
9. If registration of the vehicle is in more than one name, all persons named on the rego form must be club members. Other owners can join as associate members.
10. Vehicles cannot be registered by a company or business, or used for hire, fare or reward.
11. Penalties. Heavy penalties apply for a contravention of the conditions of Historic Registration. It is the owner's responsibility to comply with all of the conditions of Historic Registration.
12. Historic Registration Officers are available at club meetings to answer questions (or contactable via phone - see magazine page 30).


Whilst the above information may seem a lot to take in at first, our historic registration officers are there to guide you through each step and to answer any questions you may have. In most cases, the savings that can be made by having your car on historic registration compared to normal SA registration (and the corresponding reduction in insurance premiums if your insurer offers a discount) can range from several hundred dollars upwards and are generally enough to pay for your membership fees several times over.

In addition to any information provided by our club, the onus is on club members to familiarise themselves with the “Code of Practice for Club Registration” – in particular the information in Part Three entitled “Conditions of Use of Scheme Vehicles – Duties of Vehicle Owners”. The Code of Practice can be downloaded here.

If you have concerns or questions, please direct them to the club or the federation - DO NOT go to Transport SA/Service SA/DPTI with any questions or concerns regarding the Historic Registration Scheme as they have limited resources to deal with public enquiries and have asked that all enquiries be directed via the respective car clubs or the FHMCSA. The federation can be contaced via their website: or click on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top right of the webpage to send your enquiry.

Our club is very grateful for the assistance provided by our historic registration officers - these volunteers have donated their time to help fellow club members with historic registration matters. Our volunteer historic registration officers thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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